A Business Consulting Co.

Change Agent

The Danbala Group empowers you to take your racial equity, gender equity, diversity, inclusion, and/or community engagement goals and turn them into actionable steps that yield tangible impact on your business, community and within your industry. 

Outcomes Driven

Every client's needs differ. The Danbala Group hones in on your organization’s goals and identifies any root issues that may exist. We then work collaboratively with your team to define the most effective and feasible means for resolving your problem and achieving your goal. We not only help you build a brand narrative that is impactual, but also map out the steps for achieving that impact in a measurable way.

Service Focused

We help businesses, organizations, and agencies plan for and implement positive community outreach, engagement, and reinvestment; 

develop a socially responsible narrative and action plan; promote equity internally and externally; and ultimately create a better brand, attract better talent, and yield impactful results.



About Us


Bold, Effective, Creative

The Danbala Group is a woman-owned consulting firm providing business solutions, equity programming, and organizational services to businesses, organizations, and agencies.  

Our mission is to provide best insight and practical solutions that will effectuate cultural, organizational, and global change. What sets our company apart is that our solutions are bold and creative. People come to us when they are ready for real change...


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Our work is transformative, research based, and gets the job done. 


Whether you are in the ideation stage, putting together a program proposal to effectuate equity in your market, drafting a plan to promote positive community engagement, or are an existing entity seeking business/organizational solutions that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion internally or externally, we help you achieve your goal...


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