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The Danbala Group

Bold, Effective, Creative


The Danbala Group is a woman owned consulting firm providing business solutions, equity programming, and organizational services to businesses, organizations, and agencies.  

Our mission is to provide best insight and practical solutions that will effectuate cultural, organizational, and ultimately global change. What sets our company apart is that our solutions are bold and creative. People come to us when they are ready for real change.


Cynthia L. Mompoint

Our founder and CEO, Cynthia Mompoint, brings over 25 years of business, policy, and equity experience with her latest contribution being an investigative examination of the structural, conscious, and subconscious biases found in the MA Cannabis Control Commission’s Equity Program. As a Massachusetts Economic Empowerment certificate holder and an approved Social Equity Participant, she drafted the MA Marijuana Social Equity Report, an independent white paper looking at the first three years of the Massachusetts legal Cannabis industry and providing recommendations on corrective actions the state can take to meet its legislative mandate for equity in the industry. She’s also designed the P.I.E.S. program that organizations and agencies can adopt to shift the demographic culture in the legal industry to be inclusive and diverse by leveraging equity and building collaborative relationships across businesses in the industry.


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Maur B. Stringer

Husband and father to five children (4 sons and 1 daughter), an American author, orator, poet, and a diversity and equity consultant, Maur Stringer was a child soldier in the 1990's War on Drugs. He was arrested at the age of 14 for Cannabis but was charged as an adult for a Schedule I drug, sale to a minor, as a minor. 

Since then, Maur has leveraged his tenacity and experience with the legal system to meet and encourage young children who have also been enlisted in this war against their skin color under the guise of a War on Drugs. Visiting youth detention centers and engaging with young men and women in various arenas, Maur aims to give voice to those often unheard, marginalized, or systematized into the school to prison pipeline. 

Maur boldly continues working with the Cannabis plant as he has done since 1993, focusing now in the legal space as both a cannabis entrepreneur and equity advocate and participant. In 2020, Maur wrote, "Massachusetts Jumping Jim Crow for Cannabis", in response to the Cannabis Control Commission’s public equity forum where he spoke to the issue of equity in Massachusetts cannabis industry. He brings a passionate and creative perspective to the work of achieving equity particularly in the Cannabis industry. 

"Wartime relief for the War on Drugs" is one of Maur’s slogans and pretty much sums up his stance on equity in the cannabis industry.

Louis Mompoint

Louis Mompoint has over 45 years experience in business management and administration and nearly 50 years of service work in advocacy for marginalized people. Mompoint immigrated to the United States in the 1970's to pursue a degree at Northeastern University. He went on to secure his MBA and work with top tech firms such as Lotus, IBM, and REC. He started his own business in the tech hardware industry. As a government certified 8a DBE, Mompoint's company, Mo-Tech, provided international import-export services of magnetic components and military supply to the US Army and national manufacturers. In addition to his work as a business owner, he launched an investment firm, Sigma, and served as an immigrant advocate for Haitians in the Greater Boston Area. In 2004, he and his wife launched their own real estate brokerage catering primarily to the Haitian community. He then went on to found the Haitian Community Center, a nonprofit that promotes equity and economic empowerment by advocating on behalf of and assisting immigrants in obtaining professional and legal services and navigating the home buying, renting, or selling process.